We are the 8 billion

YOU & I… we are powerful

Much more powerful than most of us realize.
So powerful that we are to be forced away from our power into a kind of prison by the media and state authority.
The media constructs an inner prison and the state constructs an outer “prison”.
So some billionaires would then be free to shape the world according to their own ideas.
Did you know that the takeover of our power is only possible with our “consent”?

WE stay in our power and protect freedom!

These attacks happen on a mental and psychological level through scare tactics and media consumption.
On the physical level, among other things, through stress, unhealthy food, environmental toxins, radiation poisons (5G, smartmeter) and vaccinations.
On the factual level, among other things, by restricting basic rights and the lockdown of the economy and society using state authority.

The idea of “divide and rule” already worked well with Julius Caesar (“divide et impera”) to divide a society and isolate people from each other.

Our answer to this is “solidarity & togetherness”. Connectedness with yourself and togetherness with other people.
99.99% of people want to live in peace, be happy & shape their future.
WE were in the past and we are always the majority today. Through manipulation of the media and through state authority, a massive attempt is being made to silence the majority, but this will not succeed!

The state is for the people
and not the people there for the state.
(Albert Einstein)

WE have one voice – and a very loud one at that. And the voice of 8 billion people makes room for itself.

Since we humans are good by nature, guided by love & compassion and carry this “divine spark” within us, we form a community of peace & freedom.
Exactly for this majority of 8 billion people, which is to be robbed of its voice, we speak from the power of the heart and the spirit of togetherness.

Our community lives in spirit, in the heart & in action.
Our community is alive.
We are the 8 billion!

The basis for freedom

8 billion people with heart & mind


We need new ideas & solutions for this time of change. And most of these solutions already exist - we just have to implement them. Since our own thinking & acting brought us to where we are right now, we also need openness & courage to develop ourselves further.


Half-truths and lies are the decline of man and society. Honesty, on the other hand, is the basis of being human and of a functioning society. It is about truth towards myself and others.


To be free is our right. Freedom & democracy are delicate plants. In order for them to blossom, we need committed, responsible people who are committed to them. Your inner freedom is always the prerequisite for your outer freedom.


We humans are fundamentally connected with each other in our hearts. Through our own unconsciousness and external manipulation, however, that which separates easily gains the upper hand. So we are currently experiencing a world full of crises, diseases & struggle.


Our life finds its expression in meaningful action. Being human is therefore closely connected with finding meaning in our lives.
Misanthropic techniques and senseless systems can be reformed by the Spirit of Truth, Freedom and Love.

(Self) Love

Self-love is the basis of life. It is the signpost that shows us what is right. It connects us with other people and the whole creation. A person who loves himself takes good care of himself, of others and of nature.