Your path to freedom

The institutions of our democracy do not manage to guide our society safely through a difficult situation.

Government & parliamentary opposition, police, media and the rule of law, with their actions or inactions, endanger more and more clearly our democratic society, our economy and the freedom of all citizens*.

Important civil rights are withdrawn from us. We are being terrorized by the Government and most of the media on the grounds of a pandemic declared by WHO.

And although there is sufficient evidence that the WHO has represented the interests of the pharmaceutical and vaccination industry in particular over the past 20 years, all (internationally) recognised experts are deliberately excluded from the political opinion-forming process, ignored by the mass media and defamed as “conspiracy theorists”.

However, freedom of opinion & the involvement of all people in the political decision-making process are the decisive basic characteristics of a democracy. By the way, this is exactly what the Ottawa Charter of the WHO stipulated in 1986 when it comes to our health (

The current situation shows very clearly that we as citizens* are called upon to become active ourselves and to work with heart & mind, strength & perseverance for our democratic society & new healthy structures in all areas.

Because parties always only pay attention to one part (lat. pars) of the population from their basic idea and never have the best for all citizens in mind. The current crisis is therefore not a virus crisis, but a system crisis.

All over the world, nation states have been weakened and infiltrated by global corporations in recent decades. The social institutions (parties, media, science …) are no longer working for the well-being and prosperity of all people. For a future worth living we therefore need a fundamentally new economic and social order.

For decades, there have been many ideas and solutions for the meaningful transformation of existing systems (health care, education, economy, …), they “only” have to be implemented politically. And for that we are needed.

Because of course 99.99% of people want to live in peace, be happy & shape their future. Crises and wars have always been orchestrated by the powerful only to increase their influence even more.

No one is free who is not master of himself.
(Matthias Claudius)

In addition to the new structures for business, society & politics, it is just as important that we also change ourselves personally – in our thinking, feeling & acting. A system is ultimately only as good as its representatives. This is exactly what we are currently experiencing in a dramatic way in Austria and many countries around the world.

For a society to be worth living in, we need more responsibility, respect, empathy and attentiveness.  We are allowed to become role models again, for ourselves and our children.

Together we can do it.
We are the 8 billion!

The basis for freedom

8 billion people with heart & mind


We need new ideas & solutions for this time of change. And most of these solutions already exist - we just have to implement them. Since our own thinking & acting brought us to where we are right now, we also need openness & courage to develop ourselves further.


Half-truths and lies are the decline of man and society. Honesty, on the other hand, is the basis of being human and of a functioning society. It is about truth towards myself and others.


To be free is our right. Freedom & democracy are delicate plants. In order for them to blossom, we need committed, responsible people who are committed to them. Your inner freedom is always the prerequisite for your outer freedom.


We humans are fundamentally connected with each other in our hearts. Through our own unconsciousness and external manipulation, however, that which separates easily gains the upper hand. So we are currently experiencing a world full of crises, diseases & struggle.


Our life finds its expression in meaningful action. Being human is therefore closely connected with finding meaning in our lives.
Misanthropic techniques and senseless systems can be reformed by the Spirit of Truth, Freedom and Love.

(Self) Love

Self-love is the basis of life. It is the signpost that shows us what is right. It connects us with other people and the whole creation. A person who loves himself takes good care of himself, of others and of nature.

Mit Zivilcourage zu Freiheit & Gesundheit. Sag JA zu deinem mutigen Herz!

“Was würde die Liebe tun?” – Eine radikale Frage mit ungeheurer Sprengkraft.

Wie wir manipuliert werden und was für die Reife einer Gesellschaft & ihrer Bürger notwendig ist.

Charlie Chaplins Rede an die Menschheit. Sie gibt uns Mut & Hoffnung.

Ein Spielfilm über die kriminellen Machenschaften der Pharma- und Impfindustrie.

Künstliche Intelligenz als Ende des Menschseins. Voraussetzung ist das gefährliche 5G Netz.