Working together for freedom

We are committed and freedom-loving people, who work for democracy & the future on this earth.

We are open for new solutions & new ways, because the ways we have gone so far have led us straight into the current crisis.

So we need new forms of political decision-making and new systems (health, economy, nutrition, …) in which people are once again at the centre.

We fundamentally believe in a loving cooperation of all people. This requires not only new “healthy” structures but also people’s openness to personal change.

Courage & commitment of individual people are an important part of our movement. But for freedom and democracy we need many. From the silent inactive majority a loud and courageous movement must develop.

Here are ideas to get our movement rolling …

Exponential growth

If I start today (day 1) by winning 1 person per day for Freedom & Democracy and the next day (day 2) each of the two players wins 1 person for it and on each further day (day 3, 4, …) each player wins 1 person again, we double our movement every day.
In 23 days we would be 8 million (inhabitants of Austria). in 27 days 128 million and in 33 days 8 billion.

Let’s go!


1) Wear yellow warning vest with inscriptions (also in everyday life)
2) Hang towels from the window
3) decorate your own(!) bicycle/car/garden fence etc. with calls for democracy & freedom

Let’s go!


have three irrefutable arguments in hand that …

1) … the politically decreed measures endanger our society, democracy, economy and health (!)
2) … the “health” facts and figures about COVID 19 (infected persons, convalescents and deceased, reproduction factor, hospital capacity utilisation…) neither represent a “pandemic” nor are they a greater danger than an influenza.  And these figures were already at the table before (!) the lockdown in March.
In this blog post you will find good arguments https://freiheit-2020.at/top10/

Let’s go!


What some people achieve with money, we can achieve with heart & mind!
Talk to politicians and journalists. By phone, e-mail and letter. Best of all, of course, in person.
Don’t let them stick their heads in the sand any longer and confront them from person to person with the disproportionate measures. Ask them to immediately stand up for freedom & democracy.
Give them your 3 irrefutable arguments for the immediate return to freedom & democracy.
In this blog post you will find good arguments https://freiheit-2020.at/top10/

Let’s go!

Connecting initiatives with each other

There are already many more initiatives than we all know. New ones are being added every day. The better we are connected to each other, the stronger the movement will be. We can coordinate our actions & develop new ideas.

On my telegram channel “Freedom 2020. 8 Billion” I post every evening an overview of the planned actions that you report to me. So everyone can contact the organizer directly for more information.

Let’s go!